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Don't Dr's dick is a chemical research institute, a senior fellow at the France. Once, in the laboratory, is ready to pour into a flask of a solution, carelessly flask \"crash\" fell to the ground, bad! Have time to clean the glass pieces, don't Dr's dick in disgust.


Flask, however, is not broken, so he bent down and picked up the flask look carefully, the flask and other ordinary flask, before also has dropped in the flask, but without exception are all broken into pieces, why only a few cracks this flask and no broken? Dr Don't nie dick can't find the answer, so he just put this flask label, indicate the problem, save up.


One day soon, before don't Dr Dick walked into the laboratory, he saw a newspaper reported that the city has two passenger cars crashed into each other, most of the passengers were on the windshield of debris scratched, in which the driver of a car is a piece of broken glass was stabbed in the face and into the mouth. Dr Don't nie dick suddenly thought of the crack and unbreakable flask.

He walked into the laboratory took the flask, I saw the flask bottle wall with a thin layer of transparent membrane. Don't Dr's dick with blades carefully removed a little chemical test, the results show that the flask Ceng Cheng a chemical called cellulose nitrate solution, the thin film is left after evaporation, the solution in the air after the reaction, thereby firmly on the bottle wall protection. Because the colorless transparent, so don't affect vision. , \"if this solution is used in the production of the auto glass, the similar accidents happen again again, the passenger's life safety coefficient is not more secure?\" ...... Don't because this small found Dr's dick and topped France's outstanding contribution to science and in the 20th century.
Every success starts with a pair of good at discovering eyes, more begins with persistent exploration of the mind. Often we don't have opportunity lament, but in many cases, opportunities to temporary not knocked on the gongs and drums, but quietly pass you by. Intentional or not, is the key to decided to seize the opportunities.

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